Dr Ahmad Abu-Khazneh



Hello! I am a freelance software developer based in London.
Currently, I am contracting as a technical architect at the UK Ministry of Justice.
I am also actively teaching in academia and in the industry on machine learning and software development..
Previously, I obtained a Mathematics PhD from the London School of Economics.
For my PhD I implemented code that helped prove theorems related to open problems in graph theory.


Matchings and Covers of Multipartite Hypergraphs (pdf).
Also, 500 lines of - hopefully readable - python code that verifies all computational claims in my thesis.


MG4C1 Techniques of Operational Research (MSc, Lent Term, LSE).
Office hours, course material and other details TBA.


[1] A family of extremal hypergraphs for Ryser's conjecture.
A. Abu-Khazneh, J. Barát, A. Pokrovskiy and T. Szabó.
arxiv link.

[2] Intersecting extremal constructions in Ryser's conjecture for r-partite hypergraphs.
Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics & Combinatorial Computing. Pages 81-104. Vol 103. 2017.
A. Abu-Khazneh and A. Pokrovskiy.
draft (pdf)


Extremal Cases in Ryser's Conjecture (pdf).
Seminar, London School of Economics, given on Feb, 2016.


The following are student reviews of my teaching.
All reviews were conducted by the LSE's Teaching and Learning Center.