Dr Ahmad Abu-Khazneh



Hello, and welcome to my academic homepage!
Currently, I am a Senior Fellow at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College London.
I am lecturing the course "Applied Probability", and supervising projects in statistics and machine learning.
Additionally, I am developing parts of Imperial's new "MSc in Data Science", launching in 2019.
Previously, I was freelancing in the industry as a software developer, specialising in natural language processing.
I obtained a Mathematics PhD from the London School of Economics, where I also taught for a number of years.


Last updated June, 2018


Matchings and Covers of Multipartite Hypergraphs (pdf).
Also, 500 lines of - hopefully readable - python code that verifies all computational claims in my thesis.


Applied Probability (M3S4)
Lecture time, office hour, TBA start of the 2018/2019 academic year.


[1]   A family of extremal hypergraphs for Ryser's conjecture.
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A.
A. Abu-Khazneh, J. Barát, A. Pokrovskiy and T. Szabó.
draft (pdf)

[2]   Intersecting extremal constructions in Ryser's conjecture for r-partite hypergraphs.
Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics & Combinatorial Computing.
Pages 81-104. Vol 103. 2017.
A. Abu-Khazneh and A. Pokrovskiy.
draft (pdf)


Student reviews of my teaching (conducted by LSE's Teaching and Learning Center):


Office 534, Huxley Building, SW7 2AZ.